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Title of the article

                                     SOFTWARE-SERVICE TOOLS OF CONTROLLING DOCUMENTATION                                       IN THE UNIVERSITY QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM


Surovitskaya Galina Vladimirovna, Candidate of engineering sciences, head of QMS’s department of planning
and analysis, Penza State University,
Shitov Denis Vyacheslavovich, Assistant, sub-department of computer application and software, Penza State University,
Komissarova Tatyana Borisovna, Vice-dean of the faculty of innovative educational technologies, Penza State University, 

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In article the analysis of kinds of administrative activity of university in interrelation with functions of the administrative documentation as major mechanism of management is resulted. The analyzed structure of the documentation of university is presented and the structure of system of the documentation of quality management is offered, the basic characteristics of documents of this system and a control system of the documentation are given. Programm-service control facilities documents «The Documents Display» are offered and described. The substantiation and the basic development cycles of the given software is stated. 

Key words

workflow optimization, Quality management system (QMS) documentation, QMS’s documentation system, QMS’s, Web-application, The documents display. 

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